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Our Story

Once upon a time there was a young princess who lived a peaceful life with her magical friends; the Sleepy Spirits. Each night the little princess was accompanied into dreamland by these magical friends and together they ensured that the young princess is well taken care of.

Years have passed and the young princess grew to become an empowered queen. The queen’s responsibilities became serious and her duties grew more and more. And soon, the queen sadly lost touch with her Sleepy Spirits and her peaceful younger self. She started to experience stress and worry in her daily life.

One day, a tired queen decided that her well being should be considered most important in order for her to carry out her duties as best as she could. And so, she summoned her old-time magical friends, the Sleepy Spirits again. The Sleepy Spirits were so relieved to be accompanying the queen into her sleep each night again, because for them the queen’s peace of mind is truly the most important.

Today the queen enjoys to carry out her royal duties and knows not to lose touch with her Sleepy Spirits again, because great responsibilities should be carried out with a peaceful spirit. The queen decided she would like to share the peace and joy the Sleepy Spirits brought to her life, with the rest of the world. Are you ready?